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Hi everyone, I'm new

2010-12-10 21:21:51 by Bind

Sooooo... My names Cameron and I'm 14. I joint newgrounds about a week or so ago and I want to get my name out there. I have submitted about 6 or 7 pictures for you guys to take a look at and I hope you enjoy them. Don't Be douche bags, I want help, not useless bullshit, OK thats all bye.


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2010-12-12 20:39:05

Oh hai cameron, welcome to newgrounds! If you got questions, ask some random admin idk wtf. If you wanna showcase your art, try an art thread in da forums- if it's really good, You'll get scouted REALLY fast.

Bind responds:

Thanks man, turns out I have been scouted today, lol thanks for the comment.


2010-12-14 00:06:52

Keep working on the art and whatnot and you'll be whiz, cuz I can see you've already been scouted! (as in your art goes directly to the art page, unlike people who are not scouted their art will merely be ignored, lol..)

all I can say is, people want a lot of "porn" type things when it comes to the art portal, so good luck with competing on that, I'm not saying it's a good thing... but I wish you luck.

Since I like when people respond to my comments (lol, and I feel like you will) I'll give ur stuff a nice review now and then if u want!

Bind responds:

Well thanks for the comment and I wouldn't be opposed to the odd good review... lol and I'm not doing porn, I'm not that type of artist.
Anyway Thanks for the comment and please keep looking at and commenting on my art. =D


2010-12-28 03:55:03

Welcome. Nuff said.

Bind responds:

I like this comment for some reason, lol


2010-12-30 00:28:22

yeah man...i love your art...i kind of want you 2 draw db cooper.
the guy who stole that plane back in the 70's i know its a bit off da wall but it would be rly kool :P just asking :P you dont have to.

Bind responds:

I might, If I do I'll send you a link


2011-10-01 02:19:30

Cameron is 15


2012-12-25 15:21:05

Cameron is 16